Monster Truck Limos

Limousines are made from all types of vehicles, sometimes not even cars; there are limos made from train carriages and aeroplane bodies which give their passengers the ride of their lives and a first impression which will last long after they are gone.

We have all noticed that even the limousines made originally from ordinary cars are getting bigger and have more and more extra features. Limousines have gone from typically being a sleek Lincoln Town Car, to being a big, rumbling Hummer or Excursion limousine.

There are of course people who don't think even these SUV limousines are big enough as you will now find monster truck limousines too. As you can imagine, getting a monster truck around the streets would take a lot of careful planning and so they are not available in all areas and for all types of events.

While there are limo hire companies who feel that the more outrageous limousines on the streets are stretching the term ‘limousine' too far, there are other limo hire companies who are glad that the industry continues to grow and evolve as there are a wider range of limousines and this in turn means the industry will appeal to a wider range of people.

There is of course still a place for traditional sleek stretch limousines, but with limousines being used for so many different events, by so many different people, there is a need for more different types of limousines.

These types of ‘novelty' limousines are not only used for special events, but they are also often hired out for marketing campaigns and corporate events. With a monster truck limousine, you are bound to catch the attention of everyone and it is even better if you can tie the monster truck limo to your new product or business. For example if you are launching a ‘tough new laundry detergent to clear away the stains', or you are opening a new franchise of a company which is known for its crazy prices or products, a monster truck limo would fit right in.

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