Monster Truck Limo Hire

Monster trucks get the testosterone pumping in every man, regardless of the type of car he drives and how well he can fix a leaking tap. They are big, attention grabbing and let no one stand in their way.

This is probably why the monster truck limousine is so popular, and also because there is only one street legal monster truck limousine around cruising the streets and clearing the way.

The monster truck limousine was built in 2000 by Bob Fisher, and the monster truck limousine was originally a Ford F350 and runs on a 7.3 litre diesel Ford engine.

The monster truck limousine streaks around at 36 foot long, 11 feet high and weighing 7 tonnes. To create this beast 14 feet were added to the body and the Ford was lifted 24 inches to create this monster of a limousine.

However, the monster truck limousine is not all toughness and roughness. It also has a full leather interior, fantasy and mood lighting, Rockford Fosgate speakers and surround sound system, CD player, DVD player, VCR, 27 inch TV screen and a bar fully stocked with beer wine and spirits.

The monster truck limousine cost around US$250,000 to build and is not only used for special events, it is also often hired out by companies looking to give their marketing campaign a kick start or a rejuvenation.

While the monster truck limousine is not a limousine in the classical sense, ‘limousine' has increasingly come to simply represent a big, attention-grabbing party machine and it is into this category, the monster truck limo was born.

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